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Jenny Bird Simone Lobe & Ear Cuff

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A dynamic set of one lobe and one ear cuff that showcase the classic curb chain link in a modern way. The longer cuff boasts a curved claw that hugs the inner part of your ear to stay in place. The second cuff wraps around the outer edge of your ear for a flash of curb chain in an unexpected place. This piece is solid, so you won't be able to squeeze it into place. To wear, position at the thinnest part of your ear, pushing over the edge so it hooks inside. Once it feels secure, wiggle to adjust in place. To remove, slide back to the place you started. Finished in high-polish gold.

14k gold-dipped brass
finish: high polish
ear cuff: no physical backing
lobe cuff: clip on

product measurements (lobe cuff):
length: 23.5mm / 0.93"
width: 4.55mm / 0.18"
depth: 11mm / 0.43"
weight: 1.4g

product measurements (ear cuff):
length: 15mm / 0.59"
width: 7.3mm / 0.29"
depth: 9.5mm / 0.37"
cuff opening: 4mm / 0.16" (not adjustable)
weight: 1.7g

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