Greg Johnston founded Inglis Jewellers in 1991 at 66 Inglis Place in Downtown Truro. The store has since expanded twice, and was completely renovated in 2017 after a devastating flood, while remaining in the same location.

In 2007, Greg and co-owner Paul Clark (aka “The Bald Boys”) opened a store in New Glasgow, followed by Riverview, New Brunswick in 2011, and Sydney in 2019.

​After 25 years, Greg retired from Inglis Jewellers in 2016, with Paul taking over full ownership.
Inglis Jewellers is celebrating 30 years in business in 2021, and we can’t imagine a better way to celebrate our anniversary than with our fantastic customers.
Our Community Commitment:
Inglis Jewellers is well-known for our commitment to giving back to our neighbours, whether by donating an item for a fundraising auction or pledging a financial contribution to the building of a community project.
We are successful because of the support of our community, and the importance of giving back to that community is deeply ingrained in our business.

If you are seeking a donation, please visit the store closest to you with a detailed request letter.